Help in R Tools for Visual Studio

The help window pops up within Visual Studio as a tool window. You can get help for a specific topic by title using the ? command in R:

> ?mtcars

Help window

All standard Visual Studio tool window behavior is available to the R Help window.

You can search help using the ?? command in R. Note that you have to quote the search term if it includes spaces.

> ??"Motor Trend"

Help search

You can place the cursor over a function in the editor or the REPL window and press F1 to get help on that function:

Help F1

You can right-click on a function in the editor or the REPL window

Help right click

Pressing F1 during an auto-complete operation will send the sub-string used for the auto-complete to the R search engine to return a set of pages that match that sub-string search:

Help auto-complete

To bring up results in your browser:

Help auto-complete results