History Window

We now have a History window that shows all of the commands that you have typed into the R Interactive Window. If you want to ‘replay’ a command, double-click on the line in the History Window that you want to send to the R Interactive Window. You will need to press ENTER in the R Interactive Window to actually run the command. One notable feature of the R History Window is that it supports multi-line mode (enabled by default). In this mode, we will send a multi-line statement (e.g., a function definition) in its entirety to the R Interactive Window when you double click on it:

If you don’t like this multi-line functionality, you can always turn it off by clicking on the icon on the far right of the R History toolbar. You also have the option to save your history, load a previous history from a file, send a command to the R Interactive Window or the active editor, as well as clearing all the entries in the History Window.