Install R Tools for Visual Studio

R Tools for Visual Studio is a free extension for Visual Studio 2015 that brings the Visual Studio IDE experience to R users. This is a preview release, that is intended for early adopters who are eager to try out our new data science experience for R and Visual Studio users. Please send us feedback!


RTVS Preview can only be installed on Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 and higher. We support the following editions of Visual Studio:

Please go to Help / About to check your version of Visual Studio. It should say Visual Studio 2015 with Update 3 and higher.

The current version of Visual Studio 2015 is Update 3, and contains important bug fixes that RTVS uses. If you do not have Update 3, you can install it from here:

RTVS Preview requires an installation of R on your computer. We only support 64 bit editions of R versions 3.2.1, and higher. We support both the CRAN R distributions as well as the Microsoft R distributions. You can download them from for free from these locations:

If you don’t have an R distribution installed before you install RTVS, you will be prompted to install an R distribution during setup.

Next download the Public Preview of R Tools for Visual Studio

Window Layout for Data Scientists in Visual Studio

Visual Studio is a fantastic developer tool, and its user interface is optimized around the needs of a developer. We realize that data scientists have different needs, so we’ve come up with a streamlined experience that is tailored for the needs of data scientists.

We know that some of you prefer to retain your existing Visual Studio settings, so we leave things this way by default. However, for those of you who want our tailored experience, enabling it is really easy to do. Just run the Data Science Settings from the R Tools menu:

IMPORTANT NOTE: you should save your current settings if you want to revert back to them: Tools / Import and Export Settings.

After it is done, you’ll have a Visual Studio layout that resembles this:

Where is RTVS Preview installed?

R Tools for Visual Studio installs in this folder:

%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft Visual Studio <VS version>\Common7\IDE\Extensions\Microsoft\R Tools for Visual Studio

Try the samples

Once you’ve installed RTVS, try some of the samples from Github:

Samples documentation