Typing in the REPL will trigger IntelliSense as you are typing. Note that we have both the name of the function in the IntelliSense drop-down, as well a brief summary of what the function does in a tool tip. Note that matches are case-sensitive.

IntelliSense suggestions are also available for members of R objects:

To accept the current highlighted suggestion while typing, press the TAB key:

To dismiss the IntelliSense suggestions while typing, press the ESC.

To restore the IntelliSense suggestions while typing, press CTRL-SPACE.

For a function completion, when you type the open parenthesis character (, we will auto-type the close parenthesis character and pop up function parameter help:

Since there are multiple overloads for this function, you can click the down caret with your mouse to get parameter help for the next overload:

You can dismiss the parameter help by pressing ESC.

If you have dismissed the parameter help pop-up and you want to get it back, press CTRL-SHIFT-Spacebar to restore it.

If you find the parameter help is obscuring text underneath it, as can be the case in the file editor, you can press and hold the CTRL key to make the parameter help text translucent.

If you type a named parameter name with pop-up help showing, we will boldface and display additional information about that parameter name in the help:

You can get IntelliSense for user-defined functions in the same file:

IntelliSense also assists in named parameter completion for functions defined in the same file:

This also works for variables defined in the file:

It’s important to note that today, we only support IntelliSense for functions in the same file. In the future, we will be adding support for IntelliSense across your entire project.