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Microsoft.Graphics.Canvas Namespace
This namespace defines the main Win2D API for drawing 2D graphics.
Public classCanvasActiveLayer
Layers can change opacity, apply opacity masks, or clip a group of drawing operations.
Public classCode exampleCanvasBitmap
A bitmap is a 2D grid of pixels that form an image.
Public classCanvasCommandList
A list of commands that can be recorded and used anywhere an image can be used.
Public classCanvasDevice
Devices are used to create graphics resources and drawing sessions. Most apps should use the CanvasControl wrapper instead of directly managing their own CanvasDevice.
Public classCanvasDrawingSession
Drawing sessions are used to issue graphics drawing commands. This is the main way to draw things onto a canvas.
Public classCanvasImage
Static operations that can be applied to all ICanvasImage instances.
Public classCanvasLock
Locks the device until disposed.
Public classCanvasRenderTarget
A rendertarget is a bitmap that can be drawn onto.
Public classCanvasSpriteBatch
[Win10_10586] Efficiently draws multiple bitmaps.
Public classCanvasSwapChain
A swap chain is a series of buffers that can be drawn to and presented to the screen.
Public classCanvasVirtualBitmap
Loads a bitmap that may be larger than the maximum size of a CanvasBitmap.
Public interfaceICanvasImage
Abstract interface representing anything that stores or is able to create a 2D image. This can be a CanvasBitmap, command list, or image processing effect.
Public interfaceICanvasResourceCreator
Represents any object that can create graphics resources. Implemented by CanvasControl, CanvasDevice, and CanvasDrawingSession.
Public interfaceICanvasResourceCreatorWithDpi
Represents an object that can create graphics resources, and which has a specific DPI. Implemented by CanvasControl and CanvasDrawingSession.
Public enumerationCanvasAlphaMode
Specifies the way in which an alpha channel affects color channels.
Public enumerationCanvasAntialiasing
Specifies the antialiasing mode for non-text primitives.
Public enumerationCanvasBitmapFileFormat
This denotes the format used when saving a bitmap to a file.
Public enumerationCanvasBlend
Specifies the blend mode used to draw primitives.
Public enumerationCanvasBufferPrecision
Specifies the bit depth used for graphical computations.
Public enumerationCanvasColorSpace
Specifies options that should be applied to the color space.
Public enumerationCanvasComposite
The composite mode used for the effect.
Public enumerationCanvasDebugLevel
Indicates the type of information provided when the Direct2D Debug Layer is enabled.
Public enumerationCanvasDpiRounding
Specifies the rounding behavior while performing dips-to-pixels conversions.
Public enumerationCanvasEdgeBehavior
Specifies the way in which a brush paints areas outside its typical content region.
Public enumerationCanvasImageInterpolation
Specifies the quality used for image resizing and transforms.
Public enumerationCanvasLayerOptions
Advanced options specifying how layer contents should be prepared.
Public enumerationCanvasSpriteFlip
[Win10_10586] Controls the optional flipping of a sprite.
Public enumerationCanvasSpriteOptions
[Win10_10586] Options that apply to the entire spritebatch.
Public enumerationCanvasSpriteSortMode
[Win10_10586] Controls how the sprites in a sprite batch are sorted.
Public enumerationCanvasSwapChainRotation
Specifies the rotation of a swap chain.
Public enumerationCanvasUnits
Specifies what units coordinates are in. This is important for making sure everything stays in the right place when running on high DPI devices.
Public enumerationCanvasVirtualBitmapOptions
Options passed to CanvasVirtualBitmap.LoadAsync.