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Microsoft.Graphics.Canvas.Geometry Namespace
This namespace defines the API for drawing geometry (lines, filled shapes etc.) with Win2D.
Public classCanvasCachedGeometry
Cached geometries are a means of improving drawing performance of complicated geometry.
Public classCanvasGeometry
Geometry objects provide a means of drawing and manipulating geometric shapes.
Public classCanvasGradientMesh
A drawable set of bezier patches, consisting of interpolated colors.
Public classCode exampleCanvasPathBuilder
A path builder is used for creating freeform CanvasGeometry objects.
Public classCanvasStrokeStyle
Defines a stroke style for drawing lines. Dashes, dots, how to join segments, how to cap the ends, etc.
Public structureCanvasGradientMeshPatch
Describes a patch which can comprise a gradient mesh.
Public structureCanvasTriangleVertices
Describes a 2D triangle, which consists of three vertices.
Public interfaceICanvasPathReceiver
Applications implement this interface in order to read back geometry path data.
Public enumerationCanvasArcSize
Specifies whether an arc should take the longer, or shorter way, around the ellipse to join its start and end points.
Public enumerationCanvasCapStyle
Describes the shape at the end of a line or segment.
Public enumerationCanvasDashStyle
Describes the sequence of dashes, dots, and gaps in a stroke style.
Public enumerationCanvasFigureFill
Specifies whether the interior of the figure is considered filled, for the purpose of drawing and geometry operations.
Public enumerationCanvasFigureLoop
Specifies whether the figure is open or closed. This affects the appearance of fills and strokes, as well as geometry operations.
Public enumerationCanvasFigureSegmentOptions
Specifies some advanced properties that may be specified when defining a figure.
Public enumerationCanvasFilledRegionDetermination
Specifies how to determine which parts of a path are considered filled or unfilled.
Public enumerationCanvasGeometryCombine
Used for specifying how two geometries should be combined to form a third, new geometry.
Public enumerationCanvasGeometryRelation
Describes how one geometry is spatially related to another geometry.
Public enumerationCanvasGeometrySimplification
Specifies how a geometry is simplified to produce another geometry.
Public enumerationCanvasGradientMeshPatchEdge
Specifies the type of edge a gradient mesh patch will have, when drawn.
Public enumerationCanvasLineJoin
Describes the shape that joins two lines or segments.
Public enumerationCanvasStrokeTransformBehavior
Defines how the world transform, dots per inch (DPI), and stroke width affect the shape of the pen used to stroke a primitive.
Public enumerationCanvasSweepDirection
Defines the direction that an elliptical arc is drawn.