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Microsoft.Graphics.Canvas.Svg Namespace
[Win10_15063] This namespace defines the API for drawing and manipulating vector SVG graphics with Win2D.
Public classCanvasSvgDocument
[Win10_15063] Specifies an SVG document that can be drawn.
Public classCanvasSvgNamedElement
[Win10_15063] Specifies an SVG element which can be part of an SVG document.
Public classCanvasSvgPaintAttribute
[Win10_15063] Object describing an SVG fill or stroke value.
Public classCanvasSvgPathAttribute
[Win10_15063] Object describing SVG path data.
Public classCanvasSvgPointsAttribute
[Win10_15063] Object describing an SVG points value in a polyline or polygon element.
Public classCanvasSvgStrokeDashArrayAttribute
[Win10_15063] Object describing an SVG stroke-dasharray value.
Public classCanvasSvgTextElement
[Win10_15063] Object representing a part of an SVG document which can contain only text.
Public interfaceICanvasSvgAttribute
[Win10_15063] Interface describing an SVG attribute.
Public interfaceICanvasSvgElement
[Win10_15063] Interface representing an SVG element.
Public enumerationCanvasSvgAspectAlignment
[Win10_15063] Represents the alignment portion of the SVG preserveAspectRatio attribute.
Public enumerationCanvasSvgAspectScaling
[Win10_15063] Represents the meetOrSlice portion of the SVG preserveAspectRatio attribute.
Public enumerationCanvasSvgDisplay
[Win10_15063] Specifies a value for the SVG display property.
Public enumerationCanvasSvgLengthUnits
[Win10_15063] Specifies the units for an SVG length.
Public enumerationCanvasSvgOverflow
[Win10_15063] Specifies a value for the SVG overflow property.
Public enumerationCanvasSvgPaintType
[Win10_15063] Specifies the paint type for an SVG fill or stroke.
Public enumerationCanvasSvgPathCommand
[Win10_15063] Represents a path commmand.
Public enumerationCanvasSvgUnits
[Win10_15063] Defines the coordinate system used for SVG gradient or clipPath elements.
Public enumerationCanvasSvgVisibility
[Win10_15063] Specifies a value for the SVG visibility property.

This API is only available when running on Windows 10 build 15063 (Creators Update) or greater.