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Microsoft.Graphics.Canvas.Text Namespace
This namespace defines the API for drawing text with Win2D.
Public classCanvasFontFace
Represents a font, and its associated properties.
Public classCanvasFontSet
Represents a grouping of fonts.
Public classCanvasNumberSubstitution
Describes a policy for performing locale-sensitive number substitution in text.
Public classCanvasScaledFont
Represents a font face and a scale factor.
Public classCanvasTextAnalyzer
An object that analyzes text in preparation for constructing glyph runs.
Public classCode exampleCanvasTextFormat
Describes font and layout options for drawing text.
Public classCode exampleCanvasTextLayout
A cached, drawable piece of formatted text which can combine different fonts, colors etc.
Public classCanvasTextRenderingParameters
Represents text-drawing parameters which may be applied to a CanvasDrawingSession.
Public classCanvasTypography
Represents a collection of typography features.
Public structureCanvasAnalyzedBidi
Describes script directionality for a span of text.
Public structureCanvasAnalyzedBreakpoint
Contains line-breaking information for a character position.
Public structureCanvasAnalyzedGlyphOrientation
Describes orientation information for a span of text.
Public structureCanvasAnalyzedScript
Represents the script data for a piece of text which has been analyzed.
Public structureCanvasCharacterRange
Describes a range of characters.
Public structureCanvasClusterMetrics
Describes a glyph cluster.
Public structureCanvasFontProperty
Describes a localized string attribute of a font.
Public structureCanvasGlyph
Describes a single glyph.
Public structureCanvasGlyphMetrics
Represents the metrics of an individual glyph in em units.
Public structureCanvasGlyphShaping
Contains shaping properties for a glyph.
Public structureCanvasJustificationOpportunity
Specifies how to apply justification for a glyph.
Public structureCanvasLineMetrics
Describes a line of formatted text within a text layout.
Public structureCanvasScriptProperties
Contains script properties that apply to a piece of text.
Public structureCanvasTextLayoutRegion
A struct describing the result of a hit test operation.
Public structureCanvasTypographyFeature
Describes an OpenType font feature name and its parameter.
Public structureCanvasUnicodeRange
Represents a range, from starting to ending code points, of Unicode characters.
Public interfaceICanvasTextAnalyzerOptions
An application-implemented interface for identifying properties that apply to spans of text.
Public interfaceICanvasTextInlineObject
An application-implemented interface for drawing graphics inserted into text.
Public interfaceICanvasTextRenderer
An application-implemented interface for receiving detailed rendering information about text layouts.
Public enumerationCanvasClusterProperties
Properties which apply to a glyph cluster.
Public enumerationCanvasDrawTextOptions
Specifies text drawing options.
Public enumerationCanvasFontFileFormatType
Indicates the file format of a font face.
Public enumerationCanvasFontInformation
Specifies an informational string embedded in a font file.
Public enumerationCanvasFontPropertyIdentifier
Indentifies a property of the font.
Public enumerationCanvasFontSimulations
Describes algorithmic style simulations that can be applied to the font face.
Public enumerationCanvasGlyphJustification
Identifies which what of justification scheme is used for a glyph.
Public enumerationCanvasGlyphOrientation
Specifies what type of rotation will be applied to glyphs.
Public enumerationCanvasHorizontalAlignment
Specifies the horizontal alignment of paragraph text.
Public enumerationCanvasLineBreakCondition
Describes conditions at the edges of inline objects that determine line-breaking behavior.
Public enumerationCanvasLineSpacingMode
Options for specifying how lines are spaced apart.
Public enumerationCanvasNumberSubstitutionMethod
Identifies the way to perform locale-sensitive number substitution in text.
Public enumerationCanvasOpticalAlignment
Specifies how glyphs are aligned to the margin.
Public enumerationCanvasScriptShape
The shaping requirement of a piece of text.
Public enumerationCanvasTextAntialiasing
Specifies the antialiasing mode for drawing text.
Public enumerationCanvasTextDirection
Specifies the direction in which text is formatted and read.
Public enumerationCanvasTextGridFit
Specifies whether to enable gridfitting behavior for glyphs.
Public enumerationCanvasTextMeasuringMode
Indicates the measuring method used for a piece of text.
Public enumerationCanvasTextRenderingMode
Specifies the behavior when glyphs are rendered.
Public enumerationCanvasTextTrimmingGranularity
Specifies the granularity used to trim text overflowing the layout box.
Public enumerationCanvasTrimmingSign
Specifies the trimming sign that is used when drawing a text layout.
Public enumerationCanvasTypographyFeatureName
Identifies an OpenType font feature.
Public enumerationCanvasVerticalAlignment
Specifies the vertical alignment of paragraph text.
Public enumerationCanvasVerticalGlyphOrientation
Specifies the orientation of glyphs when a vertical reading direction is used.
Public enumerationCanvasWordWrapping
Specifies word wrapping behavior.