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API Reference
Microsoft.Graphics.CanvasThis namespace defines the main Win2D API for drawing 2D graphics.
Microsoft.Graphics.Canvas.BrushesThis namespace defines the various brushes that can be used with Win2D.
Microsoft.Graphics.Canvas.EffectsThis namespace provides image manipulation effects such as blur and saturation.
Microsoft.Graphics.Canvas.GeometryThis namespace defines the API for drawing geometry (lines, filled shapes etc.) with Win2D.
Microsoft.Graphics.Canvas.PrintingThis namespace defines the API for printing Win2D content.
Microsoft.Graphics.Canvas.Svg[Experimental] [Win10_15063] This namespace defines the API for drawing and manipulating vector SVG graphics with Win2D.
Microsoft.Graphics.Canvas.TextThis namespace defines the API for drawing text with Win2D.
Microsoft.Graphics.Canvas.UIThis namespace defines common types for using Win2D with UI frameworks.
Microsoft.Graphics.Canvas.UI.CompositionThis namespace provides Win2D interoperability with Windows.UI.Composition.
Microsoft.Graphics.Canvas.UI.XamlThis namespace provides Win2D-enabled XAML controls.
Windows.Foundation.Numerics This namespace defines C++ vector and matrix types. It extends the structs from Windows.Foundation.Numerics with a range of mathematical operators and functions.