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Announcing Update 10

Update 10 is now available for download. Here is the link:


What’s New

Deprecated support for plugin add prior to Cordova 5.0.0
Cordova has discontinued support for plugin downloads through Cordova versions prior to 5.0.0. We’ve updated our tools to handle this gracefully by providing a warning and preventing users from adding plugins to deprecated versions of Cordova.

Cordova Plugin Deprecated

Core plugin parameter support
With this update, we’ve added a new plugin to the core plugin list that requires parameters, and so we’ve extended our plugin parameter support to include the core plugin list.

Core Plugin Parameters

Core Plugin Changes
We’ve updated the core plugin list with new plugins.

  • Added Cordova SQLite plugin
  • Added Windows-extended version of Cordova SQLite plugin
  • Added Microsoft Intune App SDK plugin
  • Removed Cordova WebSQL plugin

Bug Fixes

Missing .appxupload file for Windows 10 Store Packaging
We fixed a bug where store packaging for Windows 10 wouldn’t generate an .appxupload file. Certain properties required by the packaging system were missing from the Windows 10 Cordova jsproj file, so we updated the build process to include them.

These new properties remain in your project after the build completes, but are removed the next time you build within VS. Please keep this in mind if you like to combine IDE and CLI development workflows.

Some plugins cannot be added by ID
Due to a bug in how we detect and add Cordova plugins, certain plugins could not be added by ID. This has been fixed.

Accessibility bugs
We’ve fixed a few accessibility bugs.

Other crashes
We fixed a number of crashes that were reported to us from our crash reporting system.

Feedback and Thanks

We want to thank you all again for your comments and feedback!

If you try our update and run into issues, we want to know about it. If you run into any problems with the update, send me an email so we can figure it out.

Anthony Bucyk
Software Engineer | Tools for Apache Cordova