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Learning Calendar

Check out the list of learning journeys you can participate in live (see: Upcoming Topics) or in self-study mode (see Past Topics). Use the Onboarding Guide to ensure you have the right developer accounts and tools setup before you start.

Upcoming / 2022โ€‹

Oct 17 - Nov 1730 Days Of Data ScienceThis program teaches you to to work with real life data to create Machine Learning models both on Azure and in Python.
Sept 12 - Oct 1030 Days of FusionLearning about fusion development and building custom connectors for the power platform

Completed / 2022โ€‹

Feb 14 - Mar 1430 Days Of Progressive Web Apps (PWA)Learn Core Concepts, Web Capabilities, Developer Tools & Best Practices for building modern progressive web apps.
Apr 30 - May 3030 Days of Azure Static Web Apps (SWA)Learn Core Concepts, Usage Examples, Developer Tools & Best Practices for building & deploying static web sites with Azure.
Jun 09Onboarding Guide For LearnersSetup your developer profile (accounts) and development environment (tools) for the learning journey.
Jun 13 - Jul 12Data Analysis Using Power BI30 days of live & recorded content for self-paced learning using tools like Power BI & Excel. Showcase your projects!
Jun 13 - Jul 12Data Science & Machine Learning30 days of curriculum-driven lessons covering Python, Data Science and Machine Learning for beginners.
Jun 13 - Jul 12Low-code Development using Power Platform30 days to learn 4 (of 5) tools from Power Platform - Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Pages & Power Virtual Agents - and connect them to build solutions.
Jul 1 - Jul 31JulyOT - 31 Days Of IOTA month of content for beginners, makers and students - covering AI at the edge, embedded development, and certifications.
Sep 1 - Sep 3130 Days Of ServerlessLearn about core Azure services including Azure Functions, Azure Container Apps, Azure Logic Apps & Azure Event Grid - and use them to build serverless solutions on Azure.

To Be Updated / pre-2022โ€‹

Oct 30 - Nov 30, 201830 Days Of Microsoft GraphGo from core concepts (level 0) to advanced usage (200-level) of Microsoft Graph, with exercises
Dec 02 - Dec 23, 202130 Days Of PlaywrightLearn core concepts, developer tools and APIs for end-to-end testing with Playwright โธ Series Paused.