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#30DaysOf - Data Science

This 30Days Skilling content provides a guided tour of Data Science and Machine Learning in Python and Azure in four themed weeks.

  • Read the 'Kickoff' section for more details.
  • Discussions - ask questions, interact with peers, show-and-tell!
  • Join the Challenge Today: the Cloud Skills Challenge contains modules that will give you skills to successfully get started with Python and Azure.
  • Explore the linked resources each week to skill up!


In the #30DaysOfDataScience we will go from understanding the Python language to working with real life data and finally creating Machine Learning models both on Azure and in Python. The main role is understanding our data and using the knowledge to make decisions such as clustering Nigerian music based on their 'danceability' score, 'acousticness', loudness, 'speechiness', popularity and energy.

Week 1: Getting Started with Python​

Python is one of the main programming languages used in Data Science. A major advantage of the language is its abundance of libraries which enable you to analyze your data with ease.


Week 2: Data Preparation and Visualization​

Data Science is an intersection of domain knowledge, technical expertise, and statistics. It gives us the power to evaluate existing data, perform various functions such as visualization and manipulation which in turn help us in decision making.

Week 3: Getting Started in Machine Learning​

Machine learning is often the foundation for an AI system and is the way we "teach" a computer model to make predictions and draw conclusions from data. It automates the process of pattern-discovery by finding meaningful insights from real-world or generated data.

Week 4: Building your Data Science Projects​

Week four covers the remaining techniques that will help you forge ahead with your final project as well as finalizing on a few more machine learning techniques.


Capstone Project: Building a recommender System and deploying it to Microsoft Azure​


Submit your here project by 30th November.

Live Sessions

DateTimeSession TitleRSVPLive Link
18 October1pm GMTSetting up your Local Python EnvironmentRSVPWatch Recording
20 October1pm GMTCreate your first program with PythonRSVPWatch Recording
25 October1pm GMTData Wrangling and ManipulationRSVPWatch Recording
27 October1pm GMTData VisualizationRSVPWatch Recording
1 November4pm GMTBuild a product regression modelRSVPWatch Recording
3 November1pm GMTBuild a fraud detecting model - classificationRSVPWatch Recording
8 November1pm GMTBuild a customer segmentation model - clusteringRSVPWatch Recording
9 November1pm GMTCurate your Data Science PortfolioRSVPWatch Recording