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πŸ”Œ Fusion - Connectors

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#30DaysOf - Fusion Development

This 30Days Skilling content is a gamified, learning experience for fusion developers to compete in building custom connectors for the power platform based on the Top Connector Asks.

  • Read the 'Kickoff' section for more details.
  • Meet The 'Team' behind this project.
  • Explore the linked resources each week to skill up!


Organizations today are embracing β€˜fusion development’ to drive digital transformation in their businesses. A fusion development team brings together Pro Devs, IT admins, citizen Devs, researchers, and business managers to collaborate in building transformative technological solutions.

This #30DaysOfFusion - Microsoft Connector Hackathon Pilot Program, welcomes you to contribute in building power platform connectors that will make it possible for low code developers to connect to as many external data sources as they would need.


Week 1: The Challenge Begins!​

  • Sep 12 - Kickoff Meeting! Join the πŸ”ŒConnector Skills Challenge
  • Sep 13 - Self Paced Learning
  • Sep 14 - Live Session: Build A Connector Live!
  • Sep 15 - Self Paced Learning
  • Sep 16 - Office Hour: Build and Consume a Connector from a Power App


Week 2: Let's Build Together​

  • Sep 19 - Office Hour: Come meet an Independent Publisher
  • Sep 20 - Self Paced Learning
  • Sep 21 - Self Paced Learning
  • Sep 22 - Live Session: How to validate your Connector before submission
  • Sep 23 - Self Paced Learning

The πŸ”Œ Connector Skills Challenge is still on!


Week 3: Submit your connector proposal​

  • Sep 26 - Submit Your Connector Proposal: Find Your Team!
  • Sep 27 - Self Paced Learning
  • Sep 28 - Self Paced Learning
  • Sep 29 - Live Session: How to submit your Connector on GitHub
  • Sep 30 - Self Paced Learning

The πŸ”Œ Connector Skills Challenge is still on!


Week 4: Ready? Steady? Go ..​


Week 5: Wrap up!​


The πŸ”Œ Connector Skills Challenge is still on!

Program Summary & Next Steps​

Thank you all for your participation throughout the 30 days of fusion. We enjoyed helping you understand how you can use your technical skills and understanding of APIs to build Independent Publisher Connectors that could potentially be used by thousands of citizen developers across the globe πŸ˜ƒ

The Connector Hackathon Winners πŸ† Congratulations!!

The Open Movie Database Connector by Aaryan Arora from India

The Open Trivia Database Connector by Kiveshan Naidoo from South Africa

The Meal DB Connector (Deployment-in-progress) by John Muchiri from Kenya

Cloud Skills Challenge Winners πŸ† Congratulations!!
  1. Priyanshu Srivastav from India
  2. Nicholas Gouden from South Africa
  3. Kevin Comba Gatimu from Kenya
  4. Bernard Karaba from Kenya
  5. Charles Ndiaye - Senegal

Student Hackathon Winners Note: Check out the Microsoft 356 Platform Community to learn how to build apps on Microsoft 365

And Kudos! to everyone who was able to learn new skills and apply them throughout the program.

Good News!! Your journey doesn't have to end here. We published an article that will guide anyone on how to build an Independent Publisher connector as a school Capstone project. We still need your help to build to build connectors on this Top Connector Asks List and the resource above provides you with all you will need for each step (blogs, video recordings & documentation).

Additionally, we have a Student Independent Publisher Community on LinkedIn and we welcome you to join us and learn more about how you can use your coding skills to create projects that will help thousands of Power Platform Users.