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This 30Days Skilling content helps you learn to build and ship Progressive Web Apps - modern web apps that are installable, reliable, and extensible to work across platforms.


From Feb-Mar 14th, 2022, over 30 days, we published articles that aimed to introduce developers to [Progressive Web Apps](

  • The content covers 0-level to 200-level topics.
  • Each post should take you 5-10 minutes to read.
  • Each is followed by a sample snippet or exercise.

You will need some basic web development knowledge to follow along. We hope that beginners will quickly pick up the content and that experts will also learn a few new things.

The Roadmap is structured into 4 themed weeks:

  • Core Concepts: Learn the fundamentals of PWA.
  • Advanced Capabilities: Know Project Fugu and relevant APIs.
  • Developer Tools: Explore end-to-end tooling support for PWA.
  • Platforms & Practices: Adopt best practices for PWA.

Week 1: Core Concepts​

Week 1 Roadmap

Week 2: Advanced Capabilities​

Week 2 Roadmap

Week 3: Developer Tools​

Week 3 Roadmap

Week 4: Platforms and Practices​

Week 4 Roadmap

Meet The Team​

This was a multi-team effort from folks across the Microsoft Edge, Windows, and Developer Relations teams. You will find the participants listed on the website and you can find their social profiles by exploring the posts on For now, here's the team photo!

Team Picture