Azure Kinect Body Tracking SDK  1.0.1

◆ k4abt_frame_get_body_index_map()

k4a_image_t k4abt_frame_get_body_index_map ( k4abt_frame_t  body_frame_handle)

Get the body index map from k4abt_frame_t.

body_frame_handleHandle to a body frame object returned by k4abt_tracker_pop_result function.
Call this function to access the body index map image. Release the image with k4a_image_release().
Called when the user has received a body frame handle and wants to access the data contained in it.
Body Index map is the body instance segmentation map. Each pixel maps to the corresponding pixel in the depth image or the ir image. The value for each pixel represents which body the pixel belongs to. It can be either background (value K4ABT_BODY_INDEX_MAP_BACKGROUND) or the index of a detected k4abt_body_t.