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◆ k4a_image_create()

k4a_result_t k4a_image_create ( k4a_image_format_t  format,
int  width_pixels,
int  height_pixels,
int  stride_bytes,
k4a_image_t image_handle 

Create an image.

formatThe format of the image that will be stored in this image container.
width_pixelsWidth in pixels.
height_pixelsHeight in pixels.
stride_bytesThe number of bytes per horizontal line of the image. If set to 0, the stride will be set to the minimum size given the format and width_pixels.
image_handlePointer to store image handle in.
This function is used to create images of formats that have consistent stride. The function is not suitable for compressed formats that may not be represented by the same number of bytes per line.
For most image formats, the function will allocate an image buffer of size height_pixels * stride_bytes. Buffers K4A_IMAGE_FORMAT_COLOR_NV12 format will allocate an additional height_pixels / 2 set of lines (each of stride_bytes). This function cannot be used to allocate K4A_IMAGE_FORMAT_COLOR_MJPG buffers.
To create an image object without the API allocating memory, or to represent an image that has a non-deterministic stride, use k4a_image_create_from_buffer().
The k4a_image_t is created with a reference count of 1.
When finished using the created image, release it with k4a_image_release.
Returns K4A_RESULT_SUCCEEDED on success. Errors are indicated with K4A_RESULT_FAILED.