# 5 Visual Studio Code extensions to remain productive while working remote

# Intro - Enabling developers to work remotely

Working remotely has never been so approachable as it is today with tools and services enabling developers to collaborate, code, and ship from anywhere and any device. Recently I had a great opportunity to invite to my twitch (opens new window) channel and stream on remote development with Jonathan Carter (opens new window), a principal group program manager at Microsoft. Jonathan and his team are building one of the best developer productivity tools and services. Some of them we covered in our video. Enjoy these snippets of my stream with Jonathan on five essential Visual Studio Code extensions and tools for remote work.

# How to create dev environments in minutes with Visual Studio Codespaces

Quickly spin up a fully configured dev environment to edit, run and debug your applications from any device with Visual Studio Codespaces.

# How to edit and debug code in real time with Visual Studio Code Live Share

Instantly and securely share your current project, debugging session, terminal instance, localhost web app, voice, and text chat with Live Share extension for Visual Studio Code.

# Create a guided tour of your codebase using CodeTour extension for VS Code

Create a guided code tour for your codebase right inside of Visual Studio Code to ease the collaboration, contribution, and onboarding to a new project.

# How to easily manage GitHub gists from within Visual Studio Code

Create, manage, and share code snippets and interactive samples using GistPad extension for Visual Studio Code.

# How to use the whiteboard within your Visual Studio Live Share experience

Collaboratively draw on the whiteboard in real-time from within Visual Studio Code with Live Share Whiteboard extension.

# Wrap-up

You can stay productive when you work remotely or switch between different devices, work on multiple projects, with different teams and groups. There are tools and services which help you to achieve that. Go and check them out.