# Learn how to reduce costs with Azure

The importance of effectively managing costs and finding ways to save resources can never be underestimated. I had a great opportunity to sit down with Microsoft Cloud Advocate Thomas Maurer (opens new window) and discuss different ways on how to reduce cost with Microsoft Azure.

# How to reduce cost with Azure Virtual Machines

One of the first things we looked into was virtual machines. Running virtual machines can be expensive but there are a few things you can do to make the right decision on the size and type of VM to go with. Watch this video and learn how to approach saving costs with Azure Virtual Machines.

# How to approach cost savings and billing APIs for Azure resources

There are billing APIs and other great cost savings tools built right into Azure. Watch this video and learn how to take advantage of some of them.

# How to keep Azure subscriptions clean

Have you created a resource group for some experimental project and then forgot to delete it? There are many ways how you can stay on top of your resources in Azure and remove them on time to reduce costs. Watch this video and learn how you can remove unused Azure Resource Groups automatically.

# Wrap-up

Saving costs can be easy with Azure as it provides you with many tools and payment options on how to optimize and reduce your costs. Go and check it out and if you want to watch my live streams (opens new window) then it would be much appreciated.