The Common Data Model & Microsoft Healthcare Accelerator

The Microsoft Health Accelerator (MHA) is a solution released by Microsoft to help drive adoption of the Business Application Power Platform by healthcare partners and providers, including the Common Data Model, the Common Data Service, Dynamics and Power BI. The MHA contains installable solutions that include pre-built dashboards, workflows, and sample data, as well as other tools to help customers and partners build and deploy new healthcare solutions.

The MHA model contains a number of extensions to existing Common Data Model entities as well as new entities. The prefix "msemr" is consistent throughout all these extensions. These entities were derived from FHIR HL7 definition, such as Care Plan, in a form optimized for the Common Data Service for Apps platform. More details on entities such as Patient, Practioner, Organization etc. can be found in this entity reference. Additional metadata on the entities and the attributes can be found by installing the MHA and using the >Dynamics metadata browser.

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