Welcome to Copilot Adventures! This series of coding adventures is all about learning new concepts and languages by using GitHub Copilot to help you write code. Let’s get started!

Choose Your Own Copilot Adventure

1. Enter the Adventure Arena

To get started, enter the “adventure arena” by clicking the button below. This will create a GitHub Codespace that you can work in. Once it loads select the Create codespace button.

Enter Adventure Arena

NOTE: You can use 60 hours of GitHub Codespaces for free each month.

If you’d prefer, you can clone the repo and run locally:

git clone

2. Choose an Adventure

Pre-Reqs: Basic programming language knowledge is helpful.

New to GitHub Copilot?

If you’re new to GitHub Copilot, need to install the extensions, and want to learn how to get started using it, start with the Warmup Adventure.

Once you’ve completed the warmup adventure and have the extensions installed, choose another GitHub Copilot adventure from the list below:

Beginner Adventures

Intermediate Adventures

Advanced Adventures

3. Start Coding

Read Your Copilot Adventure description, the high-Level tasks to perform, and the GitHub Copilot hints to help you write your code.

4. Submit Your Adventure Solution (Optional)

If you’d like to share your solution with others, perform the following steps:

Next Steps: Learn a New Language or Create a UI for Your Adventure

Once you’ve completed your first adventure, try it again but this time use GitHub Copilot to complete the adventure using a language that’s new to you. For example, if you normally write code in C#, use Copilot to help you solve the adventure using Python or another language you’d like to learn more about.

Try creating a UI for your adventure. Use pure HTML/CSS/JavaScript or a library/framework of your choosing. Let GitHub Copilot/Chat help you out with the UI code. If your UI requires images, consider using Bing Image Creator or another AI image generation service.

Have a Copilot Adventure Idea? Submit a PR!

Do you have a copilot adventure story/puzzle you’d like to submit for others to go through? We’d love to see it! Please submit a pull request to this repository with your adventure and solution.

We’ll review your submission and merge it into the repo if it meets the criteria.

Instructions to Redeem a GitHub Copilot Workshop Coupon

  1. Sign in to GitHub.

  2. Go to where XXX-YYY is the coupon code for your workshop.

    Redeem Coupon Form

  3. Fill in your address. It will not ask for a Credit Card.

  4. Select Save.

  5. In the coupon summary page, select Redeem.

    Redeem Coupon

  6. You should receive a message on your GitHub dashboard.

    Dashboard Message

  7. Visit This step is necessary after redeeming the coupon. You will not have access to GitHub Copilot until you’ve signed up and configured your preferences.

  8. Select Get access to GitHub Copilot.

    Get Access

  9. Pick the settings needed for the workshop (for example select Allow) and then select Save and get started.

    Dashboard Message

  10. You should now have access to GitHub Copilot for 7 days!

    Dashboard Message