HoloJs overview

HoloJs overview
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HoloJs Overview

What is HoloJs

HoloJS is an execution host for Augmented and Virtual Reality applications written in JavaScript and rendered with WebGL. It provides implementations for WebGL, WebVR, WebAudio, Gamepad APIs, Canvas, XmlHttpRequest, Image such that existing WebGL web apps run in HoloJs with little to no modifications.
Note: HoloJs implements a minimal DOM, just enough to fully implement WebGL. Most DOM operations, like creating elements, CSS, etc. will fail. DOM support is restricted to the following elements: window, canvas, image.
HoloJs extends the web standards with interfaces that abstract the underlying hardware and make it easier to create experiences for various form factors and headsets:

How to use HoloJs

Depending on goals, HoloJs can be used in a variety of ways:

Under the hood

Internally, HoloJs uses a variety of open source components to create the hosting environment: