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1. Hello, 30DaysOfLowCode!

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Sonja Gu
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Welcome to Day 01 of #30DaysOfLowCode!

What We'll Cover

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Why Low Code?

As the market for low-code platform continues to flourish (with projected growth this year of nearly 20% over 2022), now is the time to explore what it can mean for you.

Low-code development are becoming more popular as businesses look for ways to modernize their IT infrastructure and generate more output in less time.

Developers can focus on the creative aspects of app building while still taking advantage of powerful cloud computing technologies such as scalability, security, and reliability.

Starting today, we invite you to spend a month getting the low-down on low-code development with an exciting series of tutorials, workshops, and interactive resources during #LowCodeFebruary.

Start low coding with Microsoft

With Microsoft Power Apps you can quickly build custom apps with drag-and-drop tools and pre-built templates, making it easier to create powerful apps that are tailored for your needs. Low-code development with Azure helps businesses accelerate their innovation cycle and make the most out of their data resources.

Low-code app development through Microsoft Power Platform and Azure can be used to automate workflows, reduce manual efforts, and speed up the development process for building line-of-business apps at a lower cost.

According to Forrester, composite organizations experience benefits of 140% ROI and 45% cost reduction in app development when using Power Platform premium capabilities. The majority of users say Power Platform’s premium capabilities increase revenue and offers faster solution quoting through better data integration.

In other words, with Power Platform you’ll produce more and better code than before, with increased cost savings. That means developing more projects and delivering increased value to your clients. With low code, everyone wins!

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The full Low-Code February lineup

We want to give developers the resources you need to enhance your knowledge and skill in low code. Low Code February is a month-long celebration during which we’ll help participants learn the nuts and bolts of low-code development.

You will have access to a series of hands-on workshops, self-guided learning courses, skill challengies, conversations with experts, and a community of fellow learners that will give you the necessary tools to start building in 30 days.

All throughout Low Code February we’ll be running 6 hero initiatives to help you get the most of your newfound knowledge:

  1. #30DaysOfLowCode blog series, during which developers can engage with a daily lesson and skill up on Power Fx, PCF (Power Component Framework), ALM (App Lifecycle Management?WT.mc_id=javascript-82212-ninarasi), Azure DevOps, GitHub Actions, and more.
  • #30DaysOfLowCode 📅 roadmap:

  • Week 1️⃣: Fundamentals Kick off with a comprehensive introduction to low code with onboarding experience, tooling, developer stories and more.

  • Week 2️⃣: Backend Integrations Dive into the nitty-gritty of low-code development with topics like built-in connectors, dataverse, custom connectors, API management, and Azure integration.

  • Week 3️⃣: User Interface Put your knowledge to the test by building a Canvas app, plus get an introduction to PowerFX, power component framework controls, and advanced use cases.

  • Week 4️⃣: Dev Experience Take your skills to the next level with tutorials on ALM, GitHub Actions, app governance, Power Platform pipelines, and automated testing.

  • Week 5️⃣: Wrap-up

  1. #ZeroToHero 🦸‍♀️ Get the latest updates on technologies and products for low code development directly from product teams.
  2. Video + Livestream 📻 Join online conversations with product teams and ask questions.
  3. Cloud Skills Challenge ☁️ Skill up on key cloud technologies with free, self-guided learning courses, and compete to make the leaderboard!
  4. Dev Workshops ⚒️ Explore workshops in your own time as you work through various features or solutions in self-guided mode.
  5. Community Buzz 💡 Connect with the community and contribute your expertise by building interesting demos or writing articles.

Get started today!

Want to get started on your low code development journey with us? Here are some actions you can take today:

  1. Sign up for the free Power Apps Developer Plan. 🙌
  2. Enroll in the Cloud Skills Challenge and start climbing that leaderboard! ☁️
  3. Save the page and Subscribe to the blog in your favorite feed reader for updates. 🔖

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