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5. Recap - Fundamentals Week ✨

· 5 min read
Sonja Gu
Nitya Narasimhan

Welcome to Day 05 of #30DaysOfLowCode!

What We'll Cover​

#30DaysOfLowCode Week 1 Recap

Look Back: Week 1 Recap​

Wow, Low Code February is a hit! We've had 40k+ visits to our website campaign and 1400+ of you signed up to take the Cloud Skills Challenge and skill yourself on all things low code! This is incredible and we're super honored to have built something that you, the community, have found valuable! We know that we couldn't have gone so far without the support from everyone of you who's reading this blog right now. THANK YOU! ❤️

Week 1 Roadmap

Here are the highlights for week 1. If you're just joining us, welcome!! It's not too late to get started learning and skilling up, with two core activities:

  1. Cloud skills Challenge - gives you a free curated set of learning modules to jumpstart your learning journey into Low Code and Fusion development. Get building amazing Power Platform solutions using pro-code tools and frameworks. Register now and get on the leaderboard!

  2. #30DaysOfLowCode - gives you daily blog posts from experts. We started this week with a look at Power Platform fundamentals (core concepts) and ended it with a look at Developer Stories celebrating our low-code and code-first developer communities with real-world case studies.

    • 🥇 First time hearing the term low-code and want to learn how it helps in your day-to-day work? Read You say Low, I say Code! for a quick introduction.
    • 🆕 Never used Power Platform before? Read DevTools & Onboarding to get full onboarding guidance, and setup your development environment for success!
    • 🚀 Want to hear stories from your peers, and understand why more and more code-first developers have turned to low-code and embrace the technology in their daily work? Read Developer Stories posted by our amazing Power Platforms PM team at ZeroToHero🚀.

Self-Study: Resources​

Don't have the time to follow day by day? Here're 3 self-study materials that you should know about to help you learn at your own pace:

  1. Resource Collection: Bookmark the collection for a 1-stop resource containing all relevant links to documentation and training, as covered in the #30DaysOfLowCode blogs.
  2. Hands-on Workshops: learn by doing! These labs help you gain hands-on experience from intro to advanced, whereever you're in the learning path.
  3. Ask The Experts!: get your questions answered! Pick a time that works best for you and enjoy a face to face discussion with our leaderships:
    1. 🎙 Feb 23, 9AM PST - Join this session for Q&A from the Powerful Devs Conference team. The Powerful Devs Conference focuses on showcasing how code first developers can integrate with the Power Platform to innovate faster. We will have experts on hand to answer questions about full code and low code integration.
    2. 🎙 Mar 09, 9AM PST - Join this session for Q&A from the Low Code February team, including authors of this #30DaysOfLowCode series. We will have experts in code-first integration with the Power Platform live to answer questions related to the content and cloud skills challenge of the Low Code February event.
  4. Learn Live!: Have questions for Microsoft Learn modules or the cloud skills challenge? Join our Learn Live sessions to hear tips and commentary from experts:
  • 1️⃣ Feb 06 - Low code as a traditional developer
  • 2️⃣ Feb 13 - Integrate OpenAPI-enabled Web APIs with Azure API Management
  • 3️⃣ Feb 27 - Manage Microsoft Power Platform deployments Feb5 Banner

Feb 15: PowerfulDevs Conf​

Do you know the Powerful Dev Conf happens in just 10 days, on Feb 15? It's a signature 2-hour event where you can hear from many of the experts, including authors from this series, on the features and usage of the Power Platform! Check out the great speaker lineup below and visit the site to see the scheduled sessions.

Feb5 Banner

  • Sign up for a reminder and link to the livestream.
  • Then #SaveTheDate and join us Feb 15

Look Forward: Week 2 Plan​

Don't forget to bookmark the #30DaysOfLowCode page and come back tomorrow, where we will cover everything you need to know about Power Platform Backend Integrations in week 2.

From utilizing built-in connectors to building custom connectors, integrating with backend data source, and creating serverless apps. We will showcase the latest functionalities we have, help you learn with tutorials, demos, and real world best practices that you can apply to your business immediately.

Week 2 Roadmap