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Hands-on Workshops

We set this page up as a place to share low code application development workshops that can help you skill up with self-guided tutorials and real-world applications. Be sure to check back regularly for updates!

Community Buzz​


Have you created a workshop that you want to share with the community? Submit this custom issue with the details and we'd love to take a look! Accepted workshops will get listed in this section!

Local Workshops other than English​

Here are the workshop materials written in languages other than English.

ν•œκ΅­μ–΄κΈ€λ‘œλ²Œ νŒŒμ›Œ ν”Œλž«νΌ λΆ€νŠΈμΊ ν”„ 2023κΈ€λ‘œλ²Œ νŒŒμ›Œ ν”Œλž«νΌ λΆ€νŠΈμΊ ν”„μ—μ„œ μ‚¬μš©ν–ˆλ˜ νŒŒμ›Œ μ•±, νŒŒμ›Œ μ˜€ν† λ©”μ΄νŠΈ 및 μ»€μŠ€ν…€ 컀λ„₯ν„°λ₯Ό μž‘μ„±ν•˜λŠ” μ›Œν¬μƒ΅ κ΅μž¬μž…λ‹ˆλ‹€

Power Platform Advocacy​

The Power Platform Advocacy team maintains this GitHub Repository where you can find the latest workshops and presentations developed by the team.

Mixed Reality + Power Apps πŸ†•

In this workshop, you will learn all about the Mixed Reality (MR) controls in Power Apps and built your first app using them. The workshop consists of multiple labs and some overview presentations to set the scenes.

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Dev In A Day!​

Are you new to Power Platforms? The Dev In a Day series of hands-on labs should get you jumpstarted with exercises that teach you core features and capabilities for low code development!

Lab#DescriptionLast Updated
00Onboarding: Learn to setup your developer environment before jumping into other workshops.Jan 2023
01Getting Started: Import solutions to start your work. Learn how to add columns to tables and modify the app to fit your need. You will also learn hot to configure and test the Power Platform CLI.Jan 2023
02Build Code Component: Create a Power Apps code component to allow drag and drop function: To rank priority of items in the app you create. Learn how to build a code component using the React JavaScript framework to address customized requirement.Jan 2023
03Build Custom Connector: Learn to configur a Power Platform custom connector for an existing API: To add badge to the app and give credit to users when they have completed a task.Jan 2023
04Azure Functions: Learn to configuring a custom connector for a new API you build using Azure Functions. Learn to create the function, use the Dataverse API, secure the API with Azure AD, configure a custom connector to use the API, and change the Power App to use the connector.Jan 2023
05App Lifecycle Management: Learn to configur GitHub Actions using the Power Platform Build Tools to automate the team’s deployments.Jan 2023