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It's Low Code February!

Join us for a month-long celebration of low code development where we'll go from Power Platform Fundamentals, to exploring Fusion Teams and building scalable, serverless apps with Cloud Integrations. Take the Cloud Skills Challenge, read #30DaysOfLowCode articles from experts, and complete our hands-on workshops.


Join us on a #30Day journey covering Power Platforms, Fusion Teams and Low Code Development!

Zero To Hero

Get the latest updates on technologies and products for low code development - directly from product teams!

Video + Livestreams

Join us for live online events to learn and engage with experts, or catch up with video series and replays on your own time.

Cloud Skills

Skill up on key cloud technologies with these free, self-guided learning courses - and make the leaderboard!

Hands-on Workshops

Explore workshops in your own time, to work through various features or solutions in self-guided mode.

Community Buzz

Have you built interesting low-code components, connectors, or applications? Wrote articles to help others? Share them with the community!