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Mastering transactable Teams applications with App Camp

The materials on this page come from the Microsoft Teams App Camp. App Camp started as a live event and is now available on-demand. The content here presents the on-demand materials.

This online learning series includes videos, sample code, and hands-on labs meant to speed your time to publishing your transactable Teams offer on the Microsoft marketplace. If you are building a Teams offer for the marketplace this learning series is for you.

🚦 Not sure where to get started? Try the Working with Microsoft Teams Offers Learning Path.

Welcome to Teams App Camp!#


This welcome video provides an overview of what you can expect from App Camp and even some introductions by the instructors. This video will also show you the broad strokes of what you'll be doing in the labs!

The Microsoft Teams marketplace#

How can putting your app in the Teams app store generate revenue for you? What benefits does Microsoft offer ISVs who build Teams applications? How will my application appear to Teams users, and how will it help them? These questions and more are answered in the videos in this section.

Opportunities for Startups#


Meena Millman details opportunities for startups to build transactable Teams applications for the Microsoft commercial marketplace. She also presents some partner success stories of those already building for the platform.

Microsoft Teams Marketplace Strategy#


Masako Kodama introduces us to the larger strategy of the Microsoft Teams platform strategy. She covers custom Teams applications, the Microsoft commercial marketplace, transaction fees, and the M365 ISV benefits program.

Monetizing your Teams app#

The following videos explain the Microsoft commercial marketplace and how to integrate your application with the e-commerce system that drives it.

5 Steps to monetize your Teams application#


James Skay takes walks through the steps of getting transactable Teams applications into the Microsoft commercial marketplace. He walks through the following activities.

  • What is a monetized Teams app?
  • Creating a free Teams app
  • Technical requirements
  • Creating a transactable SaaS offer
  • Linking your offer to a Teams app
  • Submitting your app
  • Next steps

Publish your app in the Microsoft Teams app store#


The Microsoft Teams App Store gives you access to millions of Microsoft Teams customers around the world! Your apps can be monetized through the Microsoft commercial marketplace to generate revenue.

While there are a lot of videos showing how to build a Teams app, there aren’t many about publishing an app in the Teams app store. In this video, Cloud Solutions Architect Natalia Kats walks you through every step of app publication.

The tech you need#

These videos will help you understand how Teams applications and Azure AD SSO work, so you can better understand the labs as you do them.

Get started building Microsoft Teams apps#


In this video, Microsoft Cloud Advocates Bob German and Rabia Williams deep dive into the basic concepts of Microsoft Teams app development. They cover how to get started building apps for Teams in this in-depth tutorial.

Understanding Single Sign-On (SSO) with Azure AD and Microsoft Teams#


Microsoft Cloud Advocate Bob German helps you understand the sometimes complex topic of single sign-on. It’s intended as a starting point for developers who want to build Microsoft Teams apps and who need to understand SSO with Azure Active Directory, which is the authentication system used by Teams.

Anatomy of a SaaS Application#


Microsoft Principal Software Engineer David Starr tours the components and requirements of a SaaS offer. Transactable Teams applications are built on top of SaaS offers and this video covers the anatomy of one in depth. Watch this video to understand what will go into your SaaS application as you build out your Team offer.

Multi-tenant architecture for SaaS apps with Microsoft 365 and Azure Active Directory#


Multi-tenancy is an architecture where multiple tenants share the same physical instance of an app. In this video, you'll learn how to create multi-tenant apps with Microsoft Cloud Advocates Bob German and Rabia Williams. They convert a JavaScript Single Page Application to a multi-tenant application while explaining the concept of multi-tenant apps.

Hands-on labs🧪#

Although the above videos take you through some great materials on various aspects of selling your Teams application, Teams App Camp is fundamentally about building your skills through labs that you can do at your own pace.

Labs overview#

The labs are hosted on another site, Microsoft Teams App Camp. But this section will guide you down the path of the labs you need to complete to understanding how to build a Teams app that can be sold in the marketplace. The application code involved is plain JavaScript without a framework like Angular or React.js behind it, to keep things platform neutral and as simple as possible.

The labs are structured as a series of 3 required labs followed by a "Choose your own adventure" style of labs such that you can explore on your own. Here, you'll find information on four labs, the three required ones plus the lab, "Selling Your SaaS-based Teams Extension."

The videos in the next section will help you through each lab.

  1. Setting up the application with Azure AD
  2. Creating a Teams app with Azure ADO SSO
  3. Teams styling and themes
  4. Selling Your SaaS-based Teams Extension

About the lab videos#

The following videos will take you through the labs in detail so you can learn by example. Feel free to play and pause the videos as you follow along, building your own Teams application.

If you'd like to watch the labs before doing them, they are here. They're also posted at the beginning of each lab. The instructions should stand on their own - you don't need to watch in order to complete the labs - but they can help if you get stuck or want to understand the labs more deeply.

🥼 After completing these four labs, feel free to experiment with the other labs in App Camp to learn even more about building Teams applications and the extension points available.

Lab A01: Setting up the application with Azure AD#


Starting your lab series with AAD. This video walks through the first lab in the series. Watch this video to learn about topics such as the following.

  • Using ngrok
  • Getting your free developer tenant
  • About multi-tenant apps:
  • SSO in Microsoft Teams apps
  • 🛠️ Lab prerequisites

Lab A02: Creating a Teams app with Azure ADO SSO#


This lab builds on lab A01. In this lab walk through video you will see how to do the following.

  • Authorize Microsoft Teams to log users into your app
  • Create the Teams app package
  • Modify the app source code
  • Run your app in Microsoft Teams

Lab A03: Teams styling and themes#


This lab builds on lab A02. In this lab you will learn how to do the following.

  • Apply styles based on the Microsoft Teams figma to make your application look like it belongs in Microsoft Teams
  • Display your application with the same color theme the user has selected in Microsoft Teams

Lab 4 - Selling Your SaaS-based Teams Extension#


This lab builds on lab A03. This lab overview walks through the following concepts.

  • How users buy your app
  • A mock sample landing page and licensing code
  • Granting consent to access licensing code