Building your first solution to extend or connect with Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit

Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit customers spend most of their time using one of the included business applications – Fundraising and Engagement or Volunteer Management. There are several resources for ISVs looking to add value to one of these solutions including this infographic to help decide whether the Build, Extend, or Connect pattern is the best fit for you.

Key programs you can join to build ISV business on Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit:

The nature of your business model and product architecture will dictate what will be needed to build a business with customers of Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit, however, there are critical concepts applicable in any scenario:

The role of Azure for ISVs

Independent software vendors that develop and run their products on Azure see critical benefits including accelerated development and innovation, extended reach with customer access through the marketplace, and scale through partner-to-partner ecosystem selling.

For ISVs focused on our eligible nonprofit customers including nonprofits, museums, and libraries these benefits are amplified further through our own industry go-to-market activities.

Related concepts: