A Family of Post-Quantum Secure Digital Signature Algorithms

The Picnic family of digital signature algorithms is designed to provide security against attacks by quantum computers, in addition to attacks by classical computers. The building blocks are a zero-knowledge proof system (with post-quantum security), and symmetric key primitives like hash functions and block ciphers, with well-understood post-quantum security. Picnic does not require number-theoretic, or structured hardness assumptions.


Libraries Implementing Picnic


Projects and Demos

Picnic was designed by a group of cryptographers from Aarhus University, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, Graz University of Technology, Microsoft Research, Princeton University, and Technical University of Denmark. The team includes Melissa Chase, David Derler, Steven Goldfeder, Claudio Orlandi, Sebastian Ramacher, Christian Rechberger, Daniel Slamanig, and Greg Zaverucha.