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Version: 0.9.4

Celebrity Quote Analysis with The Cognitive Services on Spark

from import *
from import PipelineModel
from pyspark.sql.functions import col, udf
from import SQLTransformer
import os

if os.environ.get("AZURE_SERVICE", None) == "Microsoft.ProjectArcadia":
from pyspark.sql import SparkSession
spark = SparkSession.builder.getOrCreate()
from notebookutils.mssparkutils.credentials import getSecret
os.environ['VISION_API_KEY'] = getSecret("mmlspark-keys", "mmlspark-cs-key")
os.environ['TEXT_API_KEY'] = getSecret("mmlspark-keys", "mmlspark-cs-key")
os.environ['BING_IMAGE_SEARCH_KEY'] = getSecret("mmlspark-keys", "mmlspark-bing-search-key")

#put your service keys here
TEXT_API_KEY = os.environ["TEXT_API_KEY"]

Extracting celebrity quote images using Bing Image Search on Spark

Here we define two Transformers to extract celebrity quote images.

imgsPerBatch = 10 #the number of images Bing will return for each query
offsets = [(i*imgsPerBatch,) for i in range(100)] # A list of offsets, used to page into the search results
bingParameters = spark.createDataFrame(offsets, ["offset"])

bingSearch = BingImageSearch()\
.setQuery("celebrity quotes")\

#Transformer to that extracts and flattens the richly structured output of Bing Image Search into a simple URL column
getUrls = BingImageSearch.getUrlTransformer("images", "url")

Recognizing Images of Celebrities

This block identifies the name of the celebrities for each of the images returned by the Bing Image Search.

celebs = RecognizeDomainSpecificContent()\

#Extract the first celebrity we see from the structured response
firstCeleb = SQLTransformer(statement="SELECT *, celebs.result.celebrities[0].name as firstCeleb FROM __THIS__")

Reading the quote from the image.

This stage performs OCR on the images to recognize the quotes.

from import UDFTransformer

recognizeText = RecognizeText()\

def getTextFunction(ocrRow):
if ocrRow is None: return None
return "\n".join([line.text for line in ocrRow.recognitionResult.lines])

# this transformer wil extract a simpler string from the structured output of recognize text
getText = UDFTransformer().setUDF(udf(getTextFunction)).setInputCol("ocr").setOutputCol("text")

Understanding the Sentiment of the Quote

sentimentTransformer = TextSentiment()\

#Extract the sentiment score from the API response body
getSentiment = SQLTransformer(statement="SELECT *, sentiment[0].sentiment as sentimentLabel FROM __THIS__")

Tying it all together

Now that we have built the stages of our pipeline its time to chain them together into a single model that can be used to process batches of incoming data

from import SelectColumns
# Select the final coulmns
cleanupColumns = SelectColumns().setCols(["url", "firstCeleb", "text", "sentimentLabel"])

celebrityQuoteAnalysis = PipelineModel(stages=[
bingSearch, getUrls, celebs, firstCeleb, recognizeText, getText, sentimentTransformer, getSentiment, cleanupColumns])