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Version: 0.11.1

Using the SynapseML Vagrant Image

Install Vagrant and Dependencies

You'll need a few dependencies before we get started. These instructions are for using Vagrant on Windows OS.

  1. Ensure Hyper-V is enabled or install VirtualBox
  2. Install an X Server for Windows, VcXsrv is a lightweight option.
  3. Install the Vagrant version for your OS here

Build the Vagrant Image

Start PowerShell as Administrator and go to the synapseml/tools/vagrant directory and run

vagrant up

Note: you may need to select a network switch, try the Default Switch option if possible

Connect to the Vagrant Image

First start the X-Window server (use 'XLaunch' if using VcXsrv).

From the same directory (with PowerShell as Administrator) run

vagrant ssh -- -Y

# now you can start IntelliJ and interact with the GUI
> idea

Stop the Vagrant Image

vagrant halt

Further reading

This guide covers the bare minimum for running a Vagrant image. For more information, see the Vagrant Documentation.