What The Hack - Driving Miss Data (ARCHIVED)

NOTE: This hack has been marked as “archived” since one of the data sources used by students is no longer available.

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We recommend you consider our This Old Data Warehouse hack as superseding this one.


You are working with the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission. They have several years of data about taxi trips in New York City, but have no way to analyze it.

You will build a modern data estate to enable analytic and real-time data analysis and visualization. Your task is to use Azure data technologies to build this data estate, including:




NOTE: Some of the challenges can be worked on in parallel; others require preceding challenges to be completed. We suggest you read all the challenges before starting work and discuss/assign them as a team.


An end-to-end solution spanning the data lifecycle, with functional Power BI dashboard(s).

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