What The Hack - App Modernization Hack

Abstract and learning objectives

Modernize legacy on-premises applications and infrastructure by leveraging several cloud services, while adding a mix of web services.

Learning Objectives:


The App Modernization hands-on lab is an exercise that will challenge you to implement an end-to-end migration and modernization scenario using a supplied sample that is based on Microsoft Azure App Services and related services. The scenario will include implementing compute, storage, security, and search, using various components of Microsoft Azure. The hands-on lab can be implemented on your own, but it is highly recommended to pair up with other members at the lab to model a real-world experience and to allow each member to share their expertise for the overall solution.


  1. Microsoft Azure subscription (non-Microsoft subscription)
  2. Global Administrator role for Azure AD within your subscription
  3. Local machine with Remote Desktop installed

Repo contains: