The Internet just happened to my website! - Azure Front Door (1 day)


The Internet is much like water, in one hand an amazing thing that provides life/capability for so much, but in the other hand can be the most destructive force in nature. Large numbers of users, large size and/or number of resources on pages, malicious activity, site slows down the further away it is, or events triggering massive spikes in traffic are only a few of the problems Azure Front Door addresses. This challenge based hack is intended to teach you how to evolve a simulated local web site ( into a globally accelerated, protected web site with burst offset.

Learning Objectives

In this hack you will be solving the common problem that websites have with the Front Door services from Azure:

  1. Provision an Azure Front Door and set up SSL
  2. Provision and Configure Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  3. Configure simple/complex routing rules and caching rules
  4. Provision a Static Web site with an Azure Storage Account
  5. Discover and Monitor traffic and WAF insights thru Log Analytics


  1. Setup your Environment and Discover
    • Create Azure resources and leverage your Browser’s Dev Tools to analyze the Website
  2. Provision your Front Door
    • Create a Front Door account with custom DNS and SSL
  3. Provision a Web Application Firewall (WAF)
    • Create a Web Application Firewall Policy and guard your site!
  4. Offload traffic for a high traffic event
    • Use a Static Web Site in Azure Storage and route specific traffic to it.
  5. Cache Static Assets
    • Use the Rules Engine in Front Door to cache some of the resources of your site


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