Welcome to the BI2AI Hack

This is a challenge-based hack. It’s NOT step-by-step. Don’t worry, you will do great whatever your level of experience! You will be guided through different tasks to implement comprehensive analytics by leveraging Power BI, Azure Cognitive Servies, and Azure Machine Learning to deliver an AI enabled analytics solution. This exercise is designed to take you, the business intelligence practitioner, and introduce you to a variety of concepts around artificial intelligence and machine learning. We realize that there is a lot to becoming a data scientist, and upskilling in this area can be an intimidating tasks. The goal of this Hack is to give you practical areas where you can gain value out of predictive technologies today and amplify the value of the analytics soluitons.


Our solution begins with an existing data warehouse. Adventure Works has a need to transition thier reporting to Power BI to better empower their business users to gain insights from their data without as much IT involvement in the reporting process. This endeavor begains as a fairly basic implementation of their data model in Power BI, but quickly devolves into a hybrid data architecture, and ultimately results in a variety of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tasks to gain better insights from the data.


In this hackshop, you will use a variety of Azure services and related products. The primary products used are:

Core Challenges

  1. Setup
  2. Working with Data in Power BI
  3. Working with Cognitive Services
  4. Building Machine Learning in Power BI
  5. Building Models in Azure Machine Learning AutoML

Post Core, Optional Challenges

  1. (Optional) Building Models in Azure Machine Learning Designer