What The Hack - Azure Governance


  1. Azure Governance is a collection of concepts and services that are designed to enable management of your various Azure resources at scale. It facilitates leadership to support autonomous teams and ensuring that they aherence to guidelines when using Cloud Resources.
  2. This challenge based hack is intended to teach how to design a well governed Azure cloud deployment.
  3. You will be learning about Azure Management Groups, RBAC, Policy, Blueprints, Cost Management and Resource Graph.

Learning Objectives

This content has been targeted to Microsoft employees, Partners, and Customers looking to build up their knowledge on Azure Governance (Management Groups, RBAC, Policy, Blueprints, Cost Management and Resource Graph). Basic knowledge of Azure Cloud is expected before leveraging this workshop.

In this hack you will learn how to:

  1. Implement Azure Governance to manage Azure Resources at Scale
  2. Facilitate Azure Governance conversations with key stake holders and central IT management.
  3. Create reusable IP to manage Azure environments.
  4. Build a governance strategy using Management Groups, Azure Policy, and Blueprints
  5. Group and organize your subscriptions in a logical hierarchy that support the deployment of other Governance services in a structured way


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  1. Review the Deployment Setup Guide.
  2. Create a new Azure AD Tenant.
  3. Create new Azure Trial Subscription.

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