What The Hack - DevOps with GitHub


DevOps is a journey not a destination. Our goal when writing this challenged based hack is to introduce you to GitHub and some common DevOps practices. We also understand that your choice of programming language and DevOps processes might differ from the ones we will be using in this hack, that is OK. Our intent was to select some of the most common programming languages and highlight industry best practices, with an emphasis on showing how GitHub can help you on your DevOps journey, so that you can apply this in your environment with the languages and tools that you use.

Learning Objectives

This DevOps with GitHub hack will help you learn:

  1. How to use GitHub to manage source control
  2. How to use GitHub for Cloud based Development Environments
  3. How to use GitHub for Project Management
  4. How to use GitHub Actions for CI & CD
  5. How to use GitHub for Advanced Security (Code Scanning & Dependabot)
  6. Monitoring apps with Application Insights