What The Hack - Using BGP for Hybrid Connectivity


In this Hack exercise students will explore how to use BGP in a complex environment between an on-premises network and two Azure regions. Both active/passive and active/active Azure VPN Gateways will be used in Azure, and Cisco CSR 1000v will be used to simulate onprem devices.

The challenges will show real-world scenarios that have been observed in customers deploying their applications to Azure

The estimated duration time for this hack is 1.5-2 days.

The only cost for this Hack is Azure infrastructure, there are no licensing costs associated to the Cisco NVAs.

Learning Objectives

After completing this Hack, participants will be familiar with these concepts, amongst others:

Before you start

Please read these instructions carefully:

These are your challenges, it is recommended to start with the first one and proceed to the next one when your coach confirms that you have completed each challenge successfully: