Challenge 02 - Monitoring Basics and Dashboards

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After deploying your initial solution for eShopOnWeb, you want to make sure that the telemetry is collected from the VMs deployed and display the results on a dashboard for visualization and alerting purposes. To accomplish this, you will have to understand the concept of counters, how to collect them, and how to display them on a dashboard using Datadog.

Once you have configured the counters to be collected, you will use two tools to simulate a load on the eShopOnWeb resources:

Feel free to achieve these objectives using the Azure portal, Datadog portal, Azure CLI, or Terraform.


In the eShopOnWeb Azure environment, there are three compute resources to be aware of:

Note The “XX” in each resource name will vary based on the Azure region the eShopOnWeb Azure environment has been deployed to.

Azure Bastion has been configured to enable you to securely login to any of these VMs with a Remote Desktop session through a web brower.

To login to a VM via Azure Bastion, navigate to the blade for any of these VMs in the Azure portal, click the “Connect” button, and select “Bastion”. Use the username and password provided in Challenge 0.

In this challenge you need to complete the following management tasks:

Now that Datadog is configured to monitor the eShopOnWeb resources, it is time to simulate load on the SQL Server database and the eShopOnWeb website:

Success Criteria

To complete this challenge successfully, you should be able to:

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