Challenge 04 - Datadog for Applications

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To ensure performance requirements are met for eShopOnWeb, you will need to detect performance anomalies, diagnose issues, and understand what users are actually doing on the website. You will deploy and configure Datadog Dotnet APM to allow for continuous performance and usability monitoring.


For this challenge, you will need to complete the following tasks:

Edit the eShopOnWeb Website

The source code for the eShopOnWeb application is located on the Visual Studio VM (vmwthvsdXX).

Publish the Updated eShopOnWeb Webite to the VM Scale Set

Once you have saved your changes to the Index.cshtml file in Visual Studio, you will need to get your changes published to the VM scale set hosting the website.

The VM scale set’s automation script is configured to download the eShopOnWeb website from a fileshare on the Visual Studio VM.

In the /Challenge-04 folder of your student resource package, you will find a PowerShell script named BuildAndPublish-eShopOnWeb.ps1. This script builds the solution and publishes its artifacts to a fileshare on the Visual Studio VM so that the VM scale set’s automation script can download it.

Observe RUM Telemetry in the Datadog Dashboard

Once the website has been instrumented with Datadog RUM, it may take a few minutes for data to appear in the Datadog dashboard.

Success Criteria

To complete this challenge successfully, you should be able to:

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