What The Hack - Azure OpenAI Fundamentals


The Azure OpenAI Fundamentals What The Hack is an introduction to understanding the conceptual foundations of Azure OpenAI models. Materials from this hack can serve as a foundation for building your own solution with Azure OpenAI.

This hack consists of five challenges and is designed to be self-administered, so anyone can complete the material independently. Whether you have limited to no experience with Machine Learning or have experimented with OpenAI before but want a deeper understanding of how to implement an AI solution, this hack is for you.

What The Hack is normally hosted as a 1-3 day event and is a team based activity where students work in groups of 3-5 people to solve the challenges. While this hack has been designed to be self-administered and completed self-paced, we still encourage you to pull in a friend or two to work with and discuss your learnings.

Learning Objectives

This hack is for anyone who wants to gain hands-on experience experimenting with prompt engineering and machine learning best practices, and apply them to generate effective responses from ChatGPT and OpenAI models.

Participants will learn how to:

Evaluate models for truthfulness and monitor for PII detection in model interactions



Students who wish to run this hack from their local workstation will require the following: