What The Hack - Fabric Real-time Analytics


The AbboCost Financial group monitors several crazy stocks! Because of the volatile nature of these stocks, they need Up to the Second real-time reporting on what the stocks are doing, as well as historical data on all previous stock prices. Luckily, you have just the solution for them: Fabric!

Learning Objectives

In this hack you will be solving the common business problem that companies have surrounding creating real-time reporting solutions:

  1. Provision a Fabric instance
  2. Create a database to ingest data
  3. Create queries and add analysis to the data
  4. Create real-time reporting, with up to the second data


  1. Challenge 00: Prerequisites
    • Getting the environment setup for the rest of the challenges
  2. Challenge 01: Ingesting the Data and Creating the Database
    • Creating a database to store the real-time data
  3. Challenge 02: Transforming the Data
    • Create a queryset to add information to the data
  4. Challenge 03: Create Realtime Reporting
    • Creating the Real-time Power BI reports