XML Notepad stores your user settings in a file located in this folder, by default:

%APPDATA%\Microsoft\Xml Notepad\XmlNotepad.settings

The settings include the last size and location of the window, a list of most recently opened files, recent find strings, and all the things you see in the Options Dialog.

You can change where XML Notepad stores the settings file if you go to the Options Dialog and change the Settings Location option. The options are:

Name Location
Portable Stored where ever XmlNotepad.exe was installed
Local %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Xml Notepad\
Roaming %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Xml Notepad\

The Roaming folder might be automatically migrated to all your machines because it associated with a Roaming User Profile.

The Portable option makes it easy for you to xcopy the folder to other machines and get the same settings. This option will not be available if you are running XML Notepad in a folder that is read only (like c:\Program Files).

Changing the Settings Location option moves the XmlNotepad.settings file accordingly. This means you should not have multiple XmlNotepad.settings files in all these locations, if you do it will search in this priority order:

  1. Portable
  2. Local
  3. Roaming

and it will use the first one that it finds.

Settings Template#

o make it easier to pre-configure XML notepad across a bunch of machines, you can provide a customized XmlNotepad.template.settings template file next to XmlNotepad.exe and the first time a user launches XmlNotepad on a machine it will use this template for the initial default settings for that user, which is then copied to the Roaming location.