Install XML Notepad#

There are thee ways to install XML Notepad.

First you must install .NET Framework version 4.8.

Then the most convenient is to install it directly from the web browser using the ClickOnce installer:

ClickOnce® installer

If you need something that installs offline for machines that have no network or are isolated from the internet then use the standalone installer:

Standalone installer

Just download the zip file, copy it to the machine you want to install it on, unzip the file on that machine and run XmlNotepadSetup.msi.

And lastly, you can also use winget to install XML Notepad:

winget installer

Or use this command line if you have the winget cli installed:

winget install XmlNotepad

WebView2 is an optional component that you can install from Microsoft. XML Notepad will use this component as the HTML rendering engine behind the XSLT Output tab. WebView2 provides a significant performance boost on large XSLT outputs.

See XML Notepad File Association.