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Anny: Assisting AutoGen Devs Via AutoGen

· 2 min read
Gagan Bansal
AutoAnny Logo

Anny is a Discord bot powered by AutoGen to help AutoGen's Discord server.


We are adding a new sample app called Anny-- a simple Discord bot powered by AutoGen that's intended to assist AutoGen Devs. See samples/apps/auto-anny for details.


Over the past few months, AutoGen has experienced large growth in number of users and number of community requests and feedback. However, accommodating this demand and feedback requires manually sifting through issues, PRs, and discussions on GitHub, as well as managing messages from AutoGen's 14000+ community members on Discord. There are many tasks that AutoGen's developer community has to perform everyday, but here are some common ones:

  • Answering questions
  • Recognizing and prioritizing bugs and features
  • Maintaining responsiveness for our incredible community
  • Tracking growth

This requires a significant amount of effort. Agentic-workflows and interfaces promise adding immense value-added automation for many tasks, so we thought why don't we use AutoGen to make our lives easier?! So we're turning to automation to help us and allow us to focus on what's most critical.

Current Version of Anny

The current version of Anny is pretty simple -- it uses the Discord API and AutoGen to enable a bot that can respond to a set of commands.

For example, it supports commands like /heyanny help for command listing, /heyanny ghstatus for GitHub activity summary, /heyanny ghgrowth for GitHub repo growth indicators, and /heyanny ghunattended for listing unattended issues and PRs. Most of these commands use multiple AutoGen agents to accomplish these task.

To use Anny, please follow instructions in samples/apps/auto-anny.

It's Not Just for AutoGen

If you're an open-source developer managing your own project, you can probably relate to our challenges. We invite you to check out Anny and contribute to its development and roadmap.