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This page contains a list of demos that use AutoGen in various applications from the community.

Contribution guide: Built something interesting with AutoGen? Submit a PR to add it to the list! See the Contribution Guide below for more details.


To contribute, please open a PR that adds an entry to the data/gallery.json file in the src directory. The entry should be an object with the following properties:

"title": "AutoGen Playground",
"link": "",
"description": "A space to explore the capabilities of AutoGen.",
"image": "default.png",
"tags": ["ui"]

The image property should be the name of a file in the static/img/gallery directory. The tags property should be an array of strings that describe the demo. We recommend using no more than two tags for clarity. Here are the meanings of several tags for reference:

  1. app: Using Autogen for specific applications.
  2. extension: Enhancing AutoGen beyond the features in current version.
  3. ui: Building user interface for AutoGen.
  4. tool: Strengthening AutoGen Agents with external tools.
  5. groupchat: Solving complex tasks with a group of Agents.

if the existing ones do not precisely portray your own demos, new tags are also encouraged to add.