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Migration Guide

Migrating to 0.2

openai v1 is a total rewrite of the library with many breaking changes. For example, the inference requires instantiating a client, instead of using a global class method. Therefore, some changes are required for users of pyautogen<0.2.

  • api_base -> base_url, request_timeout -> timeout in llm_config and config_list. max_retry_period and retry_wait_time are deprecated. max_retries can be set for each client.
  • MathChat is unsupported until it is tested in future release.
  • autogen.Completion and autogen.ChatCompletion are deprecated. The essential functionalities are moved to autogen.OpenAIWrapper:
from autogen import OpenAIWrapper
client = OpenAIWrapper(config_list=config_list)
response = client.create(messages=[{"role": "user", "content": "2+2="}])
  • Inference parameter tuning and inference logging features are updated:
import autogen.runtime_logging

# Start logging

# Stop logging

Checkout Logging documentation and Logging example notebook to learn more.

Inference parameter tuning can be done via flaml.tune.

  • seed in autogen is renamed into cache_seed to accommodate the newly added seed param in openai chat completion api. use_cache is removed as a kwarg in OpenAIWrapper.create() for being automatically decided by cache_seed: int | None. The difference between autogen's cache_seed and openai's seed is that:
    • autogen uses local disk cache to guarantee the exactly same output is produced for the same input and when cache is hit, no openai api call will be made.
    • openai's seed is a best-effort deterministic sampling with no guarantee of determinism. When using openai's seed with cache_seed set to None, even for the same input, an openai api call will be made and there is no guarantee for getting exactly the same output.