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class AssistantAgent(ConversableAgent)

(In preview) Assistant agent, designed to solve a task with LLM.

AssistantAgent is a subclass of ConversableAgent configured with a default system message. The default system message is designed to solve a task with LLM, including suggesting python code blocks and debugging. human_input_mode is default to "NEVER" and code_execution_config is default to False. This agent doesn't execute code by default, and expects the user to execute the code.


def __init__(name: str,
system_message: Optional[str] = DEFAULT_SYSTEM_MESSAGE,
llm_config: Optional[Union[Dict, Literal[False]]] = None,
is_termination_msg: Optional[Callable[[Dict], bool]] = None,
max_consecutive_auto_reply: Optional[int] = None,
human_input_mode: Optional[str] = "NEVER",
description: Optional[str] = None,


  • name str - agent name.
  • system_message str - system message for the ChatCompletion inference. Please override this attribute if you want to reprogram the agent.
  • llm_config dict or False or None - llm inference configuration. Please refer to OpenAIWrapper.create for available options.
  • is_termination_msg function - a function that takes a message in the form of a dictionary and returns a boolean value indicating if this received message is a termination message. The dict can contain the following keys: "content", "role", "name", "function_call".
  • max_consecutive_auto_reply int - the maximum number of consecutive auto replies. default to None (no limit provided, class attribute MAX_CONSECUTIVE_AUTO_REPLY will be used as the limit in this case). The limit only plays a role when human_input_mode is not "ALWAYS".
  • **kwargs dict - Please refer to other kwargs in ConversableAgent.