What's New 2/11: There is a bug found in Arduino IDE v1.8.7. If you have this version installed on your machine, please upgrade to v1.8.8 for the IoT DevKit.

Arduino IDE

Essential modules and sensors on the board save your time and money

Wifi, OLED display, headphone, microphone, sensors like temperature, humidity, motion, pressure, you will love how much time and money you save to build your best IoT project.

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"This eliminates the need to have electronics knowledge and the need to do any wiring or soldering in order to get started prototyping IoT solutions."

Chris Pietschmann


Visual Studio Code streamlines your development experiences

Visual Studio Code is lightweight and your goto editor of choice. It is your all-in-one tool from coding the first line to deploying to the cloud.

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"The sample code included scripts taking advantage of Visual Studio Code’s built-in terminal, so I didn’t have to leave my IDE to use the Azure Portal."

Simon Bisson


Cloud empowers your IoT solutions to next level

Code your IoT solution in the cloud! Using Azure services like IoT Hub, Stream Analytics, Machine Learning to build the best IoT solutions.

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"Getting excited about this awesome new product from @MicrosoftIoT build a #Cloud powered #IoT app in mins!"


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Firmware OTA

Update IoT DevKit firmware OTA (Over-the-Air) through Azure IoT Hub Automatic Device Management.

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Build your own IoT application with Azure and help from Visual Studio Code today!

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