CodePush is moving to App Center
The future is brighter than ever. Visual Studio App Center combines the power of CodePush with cloud-hosted builds, automated UI tests, crash reports, analytics, and push services. With this integration, we are doubling-down with CodePush development. Get all the features you use today and new resources you need to ship five-star apps, faster - All in one place.

We're still the same free service

But here are just some of the many things to expect from us in the near future

Build in the cloud

Ship CodePush hotfixes quickly from release branches directly to your deployments.

Powerful analytics

Gain deep insights on release adoption and additional analytical data on rollbacks and install metrics.

All new UI

Enhanced web support in the App Center portal for all the great CodePush features you use today.

Test on real devices

Expand test coverage with automated UI tests executed on thousands of devices, all in the cloud.

Monitor app health

Identify the root cause of issues quicker so you can quickly diagnose and fix problems in your app.

Targeted deployments

Leverage App Center technologies to deliver updates to different demographics.