CodePush is Moving to Mobile Center

01 Jun 2017 - byIan Geoghegan

Your favorite rapid deployment service is moving up in the world. The move to Mobile Center will bring additional resources and focus to bear as well as an additional user interface for executing CodePush commands. The migration itself will result in a planned service outage of about two to three hours on June 2nd, 2017 starting at approximately 8 PM GMT.

Once the move has completed, we encourage you to check out Mobile Center and let us know what you think of the services we offer and our CodePush MVP.


Q: Will the move impact my customers?
A: During the outage we anticipate that most your end users will still be able to download updates, however you will not be able to upload new updates to the service.

Q: Why the move?
A: Moving to Mobile Center means more support, more resources, and a home among Microsoft’s first class services for mobile development.

Q: Can I continue to use the CLI?
A: Yes, although creating new apps will require that you specify two additional parameters: os and platform.

Q: Does this mean I have to pay some sort of subscription fee tomorrow?
A: No.

Q: Will I still be able to log on?
A: Yes.

Q: Will I need to create a new account for Mobile Center if I already have one?
A: If you used the same email for both accounts, you will be able to log into Mobile Center using your original account. If not, one will be created for your CodePush app. If you would like to manage your apps from the same account you will need to create an organization in Mobile Center, add your new account to it, and transfer your application to the organization.

Q: Will your privacy policy or terms of service change with this release?
A: No.